label "bikes welcome"


The concept "Bikes Welcome" is synonymic of services and equipment adapted to the specific needs and to the expectations of the cyclists while insuring a better visibility of the operators on the territory.


Choose an establishment " Bikes Welcome ", it is opting for places where it makes well stop and where the hosts are happy to see you arriving on a bicycle!


The label is distributed by General Commissionership in the Tourism, after having validated the various required criteria.


Immediate proximity (situated in a reasonable distance of about 5 km of the concerned cycle network).




  • Free provision of a covered and secure place where bikes are tidied up and easily accessible. (With a system of parking rack, suspension with pulley).
  • Provision of a set of repair with tools adapted for the small emergency repairs.
  • Provision of a case of first care.
  • Provision of an equipment for the cleaning of the bike (water jet, soap, bucket, brushes).
  • Access to a laundry, with washing machine, tumble-dryer, clothes drying rack, washing powder).
  • Provision of a private parking place for the vehicle (6 easy access in front of the holiday cottage).
  • Provision of bike’s accessories (padlock, complete repair set, fluorescent vests, first-aid kit, report, emergency lighthouses)
  • Provision of sheets (No useless transport)


  • Provision of touristic information (brochures and other interesting supports) and of a list of the useful services of the region.
  • Provision of the cards of routes of Ravel’s lines and other bike lanes.
  • Provision of the information about the other establishments "Welcome Bike" and about the concept by referring to the existing tools (Web site, ...).
  • Provision of the information about places of rent or repair of bikes near the establishment.
  • We give the possibility of a morning departure.
  • Information about the possibilities of enjoying a copious meal in the evening and of assuring the reservation if necessary.
  • We present local products of country as well as the shops where the cyclists can buy their foodstuffs.
  • We accept the customers for a night.

SHUTTLE and luggage

Possibility of agreeing on a shuttle and/or luggage service. Please send us your wishes in advance for a personalized solution.


  • Possibility of shuttle of people and/or material towards a given place, to go or return.
  • Possibility of transport of luggage towards another stage of holiday resort.

Custom-made formula according to the number of necessary vehicles, and the distance, subject to availability.